Friday, June 6, 2014

Thing 11 Library Reference

I downloaded WCL Mobile because I am familiar with Washington County’s website and I thought it would be interesting how the mobile app compares to the site (it is a great website by the way).
The WCL mobile app is impressive. The lay out is considerably different than the website however its layout is easy to follow. This mobile really overcomes the problem of a  lack of space.
Personally I can use this app to find books available in WCL when I’m away from computers. Professionally I can use this app to reflect on what my library’s mobile could/should look like.

Thing 10 Sharing Photos

First thing I have to say the Instagram app is that it, like Pinterest, is better when on a computer or a larger screen than a smartphone.
I definitely think that Instagram is a preferred choice to flickr for libraries sharing their photographs. Instagram is easier to organize, allows tags and feeds photos from most recent to oldest (whereas flickr feeds oldest to newest).

I added Shapchat to my phone about two years ago. Like most picture apps, it has a lot of potential for creatively and creating art. Like this guy makes:

More of Game than a Picture App
However Snapchat isn’t like any other picture app. Any potential user needs to understand that it isn’t a photo edit app (allow the pictures taken can be altered in some ways).  Nor is Snapchat a means of storing pictures. Instead its more like a game. A user takes a picture, and sends it. When the picture is received it’s only visible for a few seconds. Then its gone. For some this is an annoying trait, for others it simply add to the fun.

Finding Friends
When I first started with Snapchat I remember I had really hard time finding friends. It took me a long time to locate any of my friends on Snapchat because I could search for them by their name, or email or find them through my other social medias. Instead I had to know their precise snapchat user name.

Privacy issues

Like all social media sites SnapChat has had some bad PR on its (lack of) privacy settings. Privacy settings can be set, but it can be difficult to do it. There has also been controversy in whether the ‘view once’ pictures really disappear or if there are merely “hidden”. And if they are merely “hidden” who is accessing them.

Thing 8 Social Media

I have just recently cut back on my social media use. So I find it a bit funny that I should be asked to use an app to organize my now-nonexistent social media use.

At one time I had a LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Google+ (I think I used that one for like a week before I gave up on it)  and Pinterest accounts. At some point I did download and try Hootsuite. I just remember feeling overwhelmed by it. Especially since I had so many social media accounts connected to organize. When going through your Facebook accounts it can be overwhelming enough to go through updates. But to go through updates on five social medias on once. I was seeing too much. I preferred to just go on each social media individually.

What I ended up doing was hooking up my Twitter and Facebook accounts. So that anything I Tweet also goes on my Facebook.

Hootsuite can save time if a person does not want to log into log into different accounts individually, but as long as the person can handle seeing so many updates at once.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thing 7 Content Saving & Sharing

Thing 7, Content Saving & Sharing


Thing 7, Content Saving & Sharing

For this “thing” I looked up BitDroid for the first time. Like most people, I have been used Pinterest before.

Pinterest is really for the visually thinker/learner, which is pretty much everyone these days. Pinterest has been very useful to me in generating ideas for passive programs, displays and just getting the creative juices flowing. As well as being a great source of finding great Fandom Art and humorous memes. Pinterest serves and a one stop shop to get, store and organize all things fun and even educational.
That being said, Pinterest App  does have some downsides. The first is that it is it it is difficult to use on a small screen. Pinterest is completely visual. Because Pinterest is all about seeing and browsing, I think it one of those programs/apps that are actually more enjoyable on a tablet or a laptop where the screen is bigger and the user can appreciate the features and uses of Pinterest. Using Pinterest on a smartphone is like watching ‘Gravity’ on your ipod. Its just better on a larger screen.
The second and last problem I have seen with Pinterest is, like all social media sites, very public. Thanks to facebook and the rest I am not sure if there are a lot of people like me --someone who doesn’t want to share all their ‘likes’ with everyone. But I would appreciate it if social media sites made it easier to create privacy settings. And keep those settings. It is possible to do “like” or “pin” some things privately, however it is pretty difficult to figure out how to do.

This app seems to be the opposite of Pinterest. Instead of being all about pictures and visual learning and interest, it is simply a collection of shortened URLs.
Difficult to Organize
I guess I am a visual learner because I sort of miss seeing the pictures along with the URL’s. Also I can’t figure out how to rename the URL’s.

Can’t explore
Also there isn’t the social media aspect with BitDroid. That is, with Pinterest I go out, search a term and find all these great URL’s and then save URLs, but with BitDroid its is just a collection of URLs I have made myself.   

Saturday, March 1, 2014

thing 6


This was great. I was able to view all my Google docs right from my cell phone without having to open a browser going to Google and logging into to G drive.  Also the layout doesn’t look that different from how my Google Drive looks on my computer. The only thing I have to say against this app is that it was a little slow opening each document. Only a few second delay.

Quick Office
This it app is AWESOME! This app makes it possible to use Microsoft, PowerPoint, and Excel all on my phone. Like CloudOn, this app also allows me to access my Google Drive without changing the look of the how the software appears on my computer.

Thing 5 Note Taking

Before reaching this task I used a really simple and straight forward app called ColorNote. It suited me just fine. When it comes to notetaking I just want something simple. I want to get into the app and get down to taking notes. So when reading my reviews for these apps just know that for me, the simpler the notetaking app, the better.

For this task I downloaded for Bamboo Loop, Remember the Milk, and Springpad. Personally I didn’t really care much of any of them for notetaking. I think they try to do too much! Its like having a phone that does thousand things at a touch of a button, but you have press 50 buttons to place a call. But if I had to pick I from these three as my note taking app, I would “Remember the Milk”.
bamboo paper

Bamboo Loop
I needed to make an account for each of these apps. Why do we have to do that? Can’t the app just know it’s on my phone? I’m just sick of giving out my email and hoping I remember my password for another thing.

Anyway, I couldn’t find an app called “Bamboo paper”, but I did find Bamboo Loop. First of all, I don't think this app is all that intuitive, and I'm a fairly tech-savvy person.  If I can't figure it out pretty quickly, I lose interest pretty quickly. In about 5 minutes of working with it I hardly figured anything out about it. But when I did figure out how to send a “loop”, it turned out not to really be for note taking. It’s more for a sending a picture with a pictures with a little message/note. But it’s not really for note taking.

Another thing that really turned me away from this app is that although the app itself is free, you have to pay for applications for the app.

remember the milk

Remember the Milk
This app is OK. It’s a little more intuitive. But it seems to be for a lot more than simply taking notes. You can add tasks for a particular day in the future, or the day of, or you can simply take notes. You can also add a location that the notes are for. You can decide if the notes/tasks belong in your “inbox, personal, study, work or sent” inbox. You can also add tags to notes/tasks. Thank goodness there is also a way of searching within the app so if you forget where you put the note you can find it via keyword search.

Basically there are so many parts to this app for organizing your notes/tasks that I think it’s a bit too much for me. Like I said, if I want to take notes on my phone I want to just get down to it and not have to decide what inbox it’s in, what tags it needs etc. But if you were someone who did want to take a lot of notes on your phone the organization features could be useful if you get used to them.

Once again I don’t really see this item for notetaking. I see it as more of a way to organize and keep track of URL’s  and web pages I like. It also reminds me of pinterest a little bit. Because has built in suggestions for various topics such as recipes which is fun but not great for note taking.

Thing 4-Flipboard and Zite

I looked at both Flipboard and Zite and quickly decided that I prefer Zite. Mainly because Zite uses the exact same format as most social media sites—a wall of feed with the most current posts on top. Zite also allows the user to “like” or “unlike” posts which should help the app learn your interests  and better serve the user the more (s)he use it.
Flipboard, on the other hand, has a more unique layout. It reminded me a little bit of the Windows 8 look. So the layout isn’t bad, in fact fans of windows 8 might prefer the look of Flipboard over Zite.

When you first sign up both apps ask you to select what topics/categories of information you would like to receive. Zite has a larger variety of topics to choose so that is another thing I like for.

One plus side to Flipboard is that you can connect it to your other social media accounts. So you can have your feed of your various information categories, facebook, and twitter etc. all on one place. However, I for some reason don’t enjoy “flipping” each post to get to the next. I prefer just scrolling up and down a wall of news feed.